Homeownership Westminster

Is a one stop intermediate housing service.

  • Do you live or work in the Westminster area?
  • Are you seeking to get on to the property ladder or to rent?
  • Homeownership Westminster is a council service that can help you with your search.

Your Options

Homeownership Westminster is a unique service aimed at those who live or work in the Westminster area and want to get on to or move up the property ladder through purchasing or renting a property.

The service was launched in April 2009 and to date it has helped over 1,500 households to find a home ownership or rental property within Westminster.

To find out more about the schemes on offer, please click on the relevant links below:

  • Buy – Shared Ownership, The Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator (WHOA) or Discounted Market Sale
  • Rent – Intermediate Rent (IMR)

Once you have registered with us, we will let you know which schemes that are best suited to your eligibility and requirements.